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In personal care, brand trust—and proof of the product benefit—is everything.

With the cosmetic and cosmeceutical sector growing exponentially, the most successful brands rely on evidence to support their product claims and efficacy.

Cosmetics can often fall into more than one regulatory category, so beginning the clinical research process with a solid understanding of the best path to market is essential.

From there, you will be able to determine the right study design to validate your product’s unique claims and differentiate – both on the shelf and online.

We can help you:

A photograph of a smudge of white cosmetic cream

  • Assess market potential for your ingredient or formulation
  • Develop a clinical trial plan
  • Design a clinical trial protocol that meets your market launch objectives
  • Obtain research ethics approval from the IRB
  • Recruit study participants at our Winnipeg clinic
  • Conduct and manage your clinical trial
  • Achieve full regulatory compliance, from claims to packaging and labelling


Line-art icon of a tub of moisturizer Efficacy Testing:

  • Short-term moisturization (STM)
  • Long-term moisturization (LTM)
  • Skin barrier disruption testing
  • Cup, scrub, and buffer studies

line-art icon drawing of a comb Efficacy Testing:
Hair/Scalp care

  • Hydration and moisturization studies
  • Depilatory cream studies
  • Hair (dandruff and dry scalp)
  • Anti-dandruff and anti-sebum studies
  • Scalp studies
    (Dry, irritated or sensitive scalp; Seborrheic dermatitis,
    Scalp pruritis [Itch])

line-art illustration of a container with a lid and stars around it Safety and Sensitivity

  • Dermal sensitization testing (HRIPT)
  • Primary irritation
  • Cumulative irritation

line-art illustrated icon of two charts beside one another with checkmarks and x's Comparator

Line-art illustration icon of a smiling face with a spa towel around their head. Customer
Satisfaction Testing