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Clinical Trial Strategy
Clinical Trial Feasibility Assessment
Clinical Trial Design & Protocol Development
Claims Review and Validation
IRB & Regulatory Approvals
Participant Recruitment
Clinical Trial Management
Phase I-III Clinical Trials
Phase IV Clinical Trials
Decentralized / Hybrid Clinical Trials
Surveys and Observational Research
Multi-Centre Clinical Trials
Data Management
Clinical Trial Monitoring
Statistical Analysis
Clinical Trial Report Writing

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Source Nutraceutical has been instrumental in our company’s progress. Navigating the pandemic has been challenging, but Source’s nimbleness has allowed our ambitious commercialization and clinical trial plans to proceed. They are rigorous and hard-working, and they have continually provided high-quality information and insights to inform our decision-making.

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As the clinical research division at Source Nutraceutical, Inc. (SNI), we are one of Pharma Tech Outlook's Top 10 Canada Contract Research Organization Companies in 2022.

"Innovation is a key driver in advancing health and wellness research to improve lives across the globe" ~ Krista Coventry, Senior Director of Clinical Affairs and Regulatory Strategy